Tips for Washing Your Chevrolet Truck This Summer

You love your Chevrolet truck. That is why you want to keep it as clean as you can. With summer right around the corner in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, it is time to do some deep spring cleaning on the exterior of your truck. Here are a few professional truck washing tips to get you started.

Gather your materials

You are going to want to use specifically formulated soap for vehicle exteriors. Avoid using something like dish soap because it may strip the paint and diminish the sheen of your truck. For a thorough wash, you’ll need at least two five-gallon buckets — one for soapy water and one for rinsing.


Using a microfiber wash mitt and soapy water, you can start washing your truck. Wipe in a side-to-side motion working from the top down. Rinse your wash mitt frequently to make sure you’re not spreading dirt around.


Rinse each panel as your finish to avoid letting soap dry on the paint. Give the truck a complete rinse once all the parts have been washed.

Wash your wheels

Experts recommend you wash your wheels last since the dirt runs down. You can use a wheel brush to get between all the surfaces. Clean your cloth or brush between each wheel. Rinse each wheel when you finish. Dump and refill your buckets after this step.


You can use a leaf blower to get a lot of the water off your truck. If you don’t have one, use a dry microfiber towel.

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